Since 2010, over 300 Providence Athletes and their families have honored me by subscribing to Concierge photography services for their student-athletes and I thank you! All are listed below. If you are a former subscriber and need access to your student's images, please contact Rusty at

Jonathan ALBERTSON; Jack ALBIN; Talal ALVIE; Carson ANTHONY; Nick APARICIO; Paulina ARMENDARIZ; Caden & Cullen ASKEW; Luke BAILEY; Dallas BAKER; John & Katherine BALAS; Matt BALL; Jonathan BARBEE; Cameron & Jordan BARE; Elliot & Olivia BEAR; Logan BENSON; Daniel BERMAN; Mariah BERNAKE; John BIASUCCI; Bianca BISHOP; Addie & Josh BLACK; Carson BLALOCK; Patrick & Ryan BLOOMINGBURG; Adam & Jack BOGUSKI; Tyler BOWEN; Megan & Tim BRADY; Kyle BRINTON; Mariza BROOKS; Morgan, Maggie & Derek BROUSE; Nick BUMGARDNER; Brian BUSKARD; Eva BUTLER; Kylee CALABRESE; KeShod CALDWELL; Jackson CAMPANA; Cameron CARTER; Zack CASTANO; Jack CHERRY; Andrew CHINIGO; Pace CLARK; Tyler CLEM; Lindsay CLOUSE; Josh COLSTON; Nick COLUCCIELLO; Frankie COOK; Lauren COPE; Elena COVERT; Jana & Joseph CUGLIARI; Ashley CULLER; Joe DALRYMPLE; Michaela DANIELS; Katherine DARDEN; Jonathan DAVENPORT; Eliza DAVIS; Emma DAVIS; Cole DEAVER; Quinn, Bryce & Drake DEIULIIS; Amy & Tommy DEJUNEAS; Grant DIXON; Dalen & Devon DOTSON; Megan EDWARDS; Sam EDWARDS; Christian, Lindsay & Jordan EFKEN; Zade & Omar ELDOMIATY; Lauren & Mady ELLIS; Bradley ENGLAND; John FALERO; Jordan FEHR; Lauren, Lindsay, Leigha & Lydia FISHER; Lucie FISHER; Meghan FLEURY; Sam FLIGEL; Nathan FOLD; Emily FRANKLIN; Harrison FRENCH; Ellen, David & Jason GARFINKLE; Will GEAN; Dimitri & Giovanni GONZALES; Tyler GRAHAM; Abigail & Lizzie GRAY; Reed GUTHRIE; James HAIGH; Matthew HAMPTON; Daniel HART; Christian HAUSMANN; Jake HENDERSON; Morgan HEIDT; Macy HENRY; Josh HIATT; Eliza HICKS; Carly & Kat HITE; Madison & Max HUBERMAN; Luke & Tanner HUNT; Duy HUYNH; Gino IBRAHIM; Chris JAMES; Erich, Matthew, Tommy & Joey JEGIER; Darius & Devin JOHNSON; Lauren JOHNSON; Tyler & Tucker JONES; Mikayla JOYNER; Jacob KAPLAN; William KAKAVITSAS; Brandon KARDOS; Madeline KEELEY; Austin, Jared & Trevor KENT; Stephen KIMBLE; Jack & Nick KING; Blake KIRCHNER; Alex KNAPP; Kara KUCSMA; Mitchell KUTE; Jon LABOYNE; Adam LACHIUSA Laura LANE; Will LANGHART; Alex LEE; Miguel LEFAIVRE; Aidan LOWE; Annie & Austin LEONARD; Joey LEPORE; Ian MACPHAIL; Xander MADDOX; Drew MARSDEN; Katelyn MATHIS; Catherine & Wyatt MAXEY; Lily Grack & Gunnar MCCORMICK; Shaun MCCONOUGHEY; Nyla & Paris MCGILL; Morgan MCGOWAN; Trevor MCGOWAN; Logan MCILVEEN; Frank & Nick MCMAHAN; Lizzie MELCHING; Cameron MERRILL; Harrison MONK; Kat MOODY; Cole MOON; David MORGAN; Andrew MORITZ; Tanner MURPHY; Mike NAHOURAII; Audra NELSON; Jakob NICHOLLS; Frank NOTT; Matt & Amy NOZEDAR; Lauren OAKS; Riley OUTEN; Worth PAGE; Emily & Ryan PARKER; Devin PEARLEY; Ben & Jack PEDERNALES; Christian POIMBOEUF; Becky PORTER; Katie PORTER; Bryce & Kate PORZENSKI; Peyton & Parker POUNDS; Andrew POWLEN; Jamar PRICE; Michael PRICE; Bennett & Berkley PROCTOR; Blake & Austin PROEHL; Ethan REESE; Tori RICHMAN; Casey & Chris RIEGER; Ariana RIVERA; Taylor & Meg ROBERTS; Maggie & Patrick RYAN; Patrick SAFFER; Kay SALAZAR; Ethan & Abby SCHEPER; Stuart SCHRADER; John SCHULTZ; Kameron SCROGGINS; Hannah & Dru SEABROOK; Hannah SESSOMS; Trevor SHEETS; Ethan SHOEMAKER; Grey SIGMON; Jayden SIMMONS; Beau SISTARE; Madison SKINNER; Adair SLOAN; Azuriah SMITH; Kendren SMITH; Kaysen SMOOT; Austin SNYDER; Bentley SPAIN; Josh & Annie SPENCE; Katherine STACKS; Holland & Hayden STALLINGS; Carolne STATHAKIS; Elizabeth & Triston STEGALL; Destiny STEWART; Patrick & Grace SULLIVAN; Tyler SWINEHART; Bailey TEBOU; Spencer & Lindsay THOMAS; Ray TORRES; Charles TRAILL; Alexander TROESKEN; Ali TYLER; Joey & Logan VITALE; Ella VOORHEES; Brennon & Cameron WELSH; Carter & Berkeley WHITTEN; Jack WILKES; Ryan WILKINSON; Ellie & Ryan WILKOFF; Annika WURM; JD & Tommy YAKUBINIS; Jackson YOUNGSTROM; Andrew & Michael ZENDEN

CURRENT & PAST SUBSCRIBERS: Please make sure you download ALL OF YOUR IMAGES and store them in a secure location (ideally a cloud account). You cannot count on me and Providence Sports Photo being around forever!!!


A Concierge Subscription Service with Providence Sports Photo enables you to sit back and enjoy your student's activities during their Providence career knowing that incredible action images are being captured for you while you're enjoying the game. All images of your athlete will be edited for light and color and placed in a secure gallery that only you have access to. You own these images and may download whenever you wish and use however you desire. For your convenience, you may also print your images directly from your gallery or you may download and print at a lab of your choosing.

Below are details, including pricing, of the three types of subscriptions offered this school year. In addition are a few add-on services that you may add to your subscription.

Discounts that will be applied if you qualify (one discount only per subscriber):
Past Subscribers: 10% off every subscription including add-ons.
Multi-Sport Athlete OR Multi-Athlete Family: 20% off every subscription including add-ons.

Obviously this school year is one in which many of the events photographed may be impacted by COVID-19 and this information is based on the assumption that these events are held and that my presence to photograph is allowed and safe. If at any time you have questions about my service at any of these events, please contact me via email at

If you are considering a Concierge Subscription this coming year, please contact Rusty via email at to reserve a slot. All events will have a maximum number of subscriptions available, and some of the more popular sports (like football & baseball) may sell out before the season even starts. So make your reservation today!!!


(Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball or Volleyball)

SEASON PASS - JV Athlete: $195

SEASON PASS - Varsity Athlete: $295

SINGLE GAME PASS - $65 per game (only available for Team Sport athletes if that sport is not sold out of Season Passes)

Payment Terms: Season passes to be paid as follows: $100 due one week prior to first game. Remaining balance due 30 days later. Single game pass to be paid prior to game shot.

The Standard Concierge offering for any Team Sport is a Season Pass. It will consist of primarily home games, but some road games or playoff games may be included if allowed by NCHSAA and COVID coverage restrictions. A Season Pass for a JV Sport will include photography for AT LEAST four games and AT LEAST six games for a Varsity Sport. If those numbers cannot be achieved due to player injury or a shortened season, reimbursement will occur at a rate of $50 per game.

There will be a maximum number of season pass subscriptions sold per sport. That number will likely be ten for football and less for other sports. The final number is still under consideration but will be finalized prior to season start. If a given team sport is not sold out of season pass subscriptions, single game subscriptions may be sold at the single game rate.

To reserve a Season Pass spot for your athlete in their sport or sports, please email Rusty @ with your athlete's name and sport(s). Reservations are first come/first serve. PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATION TODAY TO AVOID A SELLOUT IN YOUR SPORT.

Click on any of these Concierge sample photos to see larger


(Cheer *, Cross Country, Dive, Golf, Swim, Tennis, Track & Field, Wrestling)

SINGLE EVENT PASS - $65 per Athlete per Event. Additional fee for travel expenses may be charged for regional or state championship events.

Payment Terms: Entire fee due prior to scheduled shoot.

Historically, the number of opportunities to shoot Individual Sports contests in a given season is less than that of team sports. Also, when shooting an Individual Sports contest, it is usually easier to get a larger number of quality images of the targeted athlete(s). Therefore, the strategy starting this year is to sell a Concierge Shoot for Individual Sports by event only and not for the entire season.

To reserve a spot for your athlete in their sport, please email Rusty @ with your athlete's name and sport(s). As we get closer to the season, you can contact me about a specific event.

* Cheer athletes for either Football Cheer or Basketball Cheer that desire Concierge Services should Contact Rusty and request services per game.

Click on any of these Concierge sample photos to see larger


SPRING MUSICAL ONLY - $75 per Student Performer

Payment Terms: Entire fee due prior to the shoot. The shoot typically is of the full dress rehearsal the day prior to opening night.

Very popular in recent years is a Concierge service targeting your student performer in the Providence Theatre Spring Musical. If you desire this service, please contact Rusty via email at with your student's name and their role(s) in the musical at least 2 weeks prior to opening night.

Click on any of these Concierge sample photos to see larger


$30 per Student per Event

Payment Terms: Entire fee due prior to the shoot.

These are optional add-on's available to anyone subscribing to any of the three Concierge Services above. If you desire this add-on please contact Rusty via email at least 2 weeks prior to this add-on event.

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