I'm returning to an online Wufoo order form starting at the beginning of 2019 and this will be the ONLY method for you to order print products of your Team & Individual Photo Day images. When you complete this Order form, you are requesting a quote for the products you designate on the form. Payment is NOT part of this request. After submission of the form, I review your request and follow-up with an invoice. Your request becomes an order only after you pay the invoice. Once paid and it becomes an order, I build, print, and mail to you.

Below is a little more detail regarding the order process:

• Review the images taken during your Photo Day to determine which you would like to purchase. They will be located in a Proofs gallery under your sport at this site; Announcements of specific Photo Day results being posted will be on this site's home page and on Facebook and Twitter. Announcements will also be emailed to your coach and/or team parent for distribution.

• Decide which images you desire and which layout styles, products, and product sizes you want. Use this page to review the layout styles and see samples.

• Once you've decided on images and products, select the ORDER PHOTO DAY PRINT PRODUCTS button and complete and submit with your requested products

• I'll review the form you submit and reply to you with any questions I may have. Once satisfied, I'll send you an invoice of the order total (which will include shipping costs and appropriate discounts)

• You may send me questions or request changes and I'll modify the invoice if needed. Once you pay the invoice, you are accepting the transaction and it is converted to an actual order.

• I will build the layouts requested and order the product from my Atlanta lab. The product will be mailed directly to the address you provide when you pay your invoice.

When ready to place a Photo Day print product order, select any Green button that says ORDER PHOTO DAY PRINT PRODUCTS (like the one below). These buttons will appear at various locations at this site.


When deciding what types of layouts you desire from a Photo Day shoot, there are four image types and three styles. The image types include your athlete's Individual image, Group images from your shoot (Team and Senior Group), and a Combo image. The Combo image is a layout containing both your athlete's Individual image and their Team image.

There are three available image designs for each image type. These designs are called Image Styles. The three are Style A: Modern, Style B: Classic and Style C: Plain.

Style A: Modern is a new style this year that utilizes image cut-outs on a transparent background with Providence lettering and graphics. The background is a computer generated gradient with three different color options. The Modern Style emphasizes your athlete by eliminating potentially distracting background elements of the original image, creating a more dramatic look.

Style B: Classic is your edited original Photo Day image with gold banners and Providence lettering and graphics. This style is similar to past offerings.

Style C: Plain is just that, your original Photo Day image with no text or graphics.

Scroll down to see samples of all image types and styles.


Below are the various print products available to order with your desire layouts. Not all products are available to all image types and styles due to sizing. But the Wufoo order form will match available print products to image types and styles to make it easy. There are other specialty print products and surfaces (like ceramic, metal, etc) available that are not listed on this page or the order form. If interested in something different, please CONTACT RUSTY.

Product Pricing is listed below. Sales Tax is NOT charged when ordering photo day products using the ORDER PHOTO DAY PRINT PRODUCTS button. Shipping is not included in the item pricing below but will be charged on your final invoice.

Lustre Prints

• 16x20: $39

• 11x14: $24

• 8x10: $16 for one OR $24 for two

• 5x7: $16 for two OR $24 for four

• 4x5: $16 for three OR $24 for six

• Wallets: $16 for eight OR $24 for sixteen


• Two 4-inch Buttons: $26

• Two Refrigerator Magnets: $29

• One Mousepad: $20

• One 11oz Black Coffee Mug: $29


40% OFF Coupon Holders: If you purchased this coupon OR are a Concierge Subscriber, your 40% discount will be applied to all Photo Day Product purchases.

10% OFF: If your Photo Day Product order contains more than $40 of product, you will receive a 10% discount.

20% OFF: If your Photo Day Product order contains more than $70 of product, you will receive a 20% discount.


Below are samples of the Individual Image Type using the all three Image Styles available.

Below Left: Style A: Modern layout of basketball's Nyla McGill with the background gradient color of Black/Gold. When you order this style you'll choose your desired gradient color (Black/Gold, Gray/Gold, or White/Gold).

Below Center: Style B: Classic layout of football's Patrick Bloomingburg. Gold banners, Providence text and graphics overlaid on your original edited Photo Day image.

Below Right: Style C Plain. Cheer's Elizabeth Stegall is definitely not plain but when you order the Plain style, you get the edited image, no text, no graphics. Just your athlete.

To see each sample image below larger, click on the image to engage a lightbox view.

The following Print Products are available when ordering any of the Individual Athlete Layouts above:

Lustre Prints in sizes 16x20, 11x14, 8x10, 5x7, 4x5 and Wallets. Keepsake Products include: 4 inch buttons, Refrigerator magnets, mouse pads and coffee mugs.

Note: Print products that crop significantly because of their irregular size will be ordered with no graphic overlays or text.


Group portraits may be a layout of the entire team or just the team's senior athletes or captains. In either case, the layouts are the same. Only the images and text change. Below are samples of the Group image type using the three Image Styles available.

Below left: Style A: Modern of Women's Varsity Basketball with the Gray/Gold gradient. Like the individual sample above, you'll be asked to choose a gradient color when you order.

Below Center: Style B: Classic of Varsity Football. As with the individual sample above, Gold banners, Providence text and graphics overlaying your original team or senior group image.

Below Right: Style C: Plain of Varsity Cheer. No text or graphics, just the edited image of your team or group.

To see each image below larger, click on the image to engage a lightbox view.

The following Print Products are available when ordering your Group Layout:

Lustre Prints in sizes 16x20, 11x14, 8x10 and 5x7 (w/some cropping). Keepsakes: Any group layout may be printed on mouse pads. Also printable on refrigerator magnets and coffee mugs with some cropping.

Note: The "some cropping" mentioned above will entail the removal of the Panther graphic at the bottom of Styles A & B.


As mentioned earlier, Combo image types place your athlete's individual image and their team image on the same layout. Due to the "blending" of two separate images, this layout is not offered in the Plain style. So below are Combo samples in Styles A and B.

To see each image larger, click on the image to engage a lightbox view.

Left: Style A: Modern of Nyla McGill and her Varsity Basketball Team. This sample is the White/Gold gradient. Again when ordered, you'll choose your gradient color. An additional choice when you order Style A Modern Combo is the orientation. This layout is Portrait orientation.

Below Left: Style A: Modern of Nyla McGill and her Varsity Basketball Team. But this one is Landscape Orientation with the Gray/Gold Gradient. When you order any Style A Combo, you'll choose your Orientation and Gradient color.

Below Right: Style B: Classic of Patrick Bloomingburg and his 2018 Varsity Football squad. As with other Classic styles, it contains gold banners, Providence text and graphics. The Classic Style Combo is offered only in Landscape Orientation.

The following Print Products are available when ordering a Combo layout:

Lustre Prints in sizes 16x20, 11x14 and 8x10. Regarding Keepsake items, the Landscape Orientation layouts print well on a mouse pad.


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