2013 Softball Photoshop Portraits - ProvidenceSportsPhoto

Performing a screen copy of any image is a Copyright Violation. Please support the photographer and purchase a digital download instead.

Recommended download purchase: For display on Social Media sites or phones, purchase LoRes Downloads. For larger electronic displays or printing up to 8x12, purchase HiRes Downloads. Purchase originals when printing poster size enlargements OR planning to crop significantly.

As for purchasing prints directly from this site, prints may be ordered up to 8x12 in size. These prints are fulfilled thru an Atlanta lab, shipping charges will be applied, and your order will arrive in approximately 10 days. To start the online purchase process, select BUY PHOTOS to the right.

If you wish to order prints larger than 8x12 or desire local pickup, then CONTACT RUSTY. I will place your order to Cardinal Camera for you to pick up within 48 hours. Minimum order size, $50. A $5 service charge will apply.

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