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Beginning Spring of 2018, you'll no longer need a paper form in order to request Photo Day Products. Hooray!!!

There are now two ways to order Photo Day items.

The best option. Submit your Photo Day order online using the blue & orange ORDER NOW icon below. Using a Wufoo online form builder, this method asks for all the pertinent information required for building and delivering your Photo Day request.  However, you do not pay for your order with this tool but you'll see the prices for everything you choose. After I review your form and make sure I have no additional questions, I'll submit an invoice to you via email. The invoice will include total charges plus shipping and can be paid online directly from the email. This order method also contains some product bundles and incentives offered only here!   SO PLEASE COMPLETE AND SUBMIT PRIOR TO YOUR PHOTO DAY! If you don't get it in on time, you can still order later but make sure your athlete knows to get an individual photo taken, else there will be few options to order later!!!

The other option. After Photo Day has passed you can wait until all the images are edited and posted to the Photo Day gallery at this site. From there you may use the green BUY PHOTOS button located in every gallery. You can purchase all the same products as on the order form covered above, but you'll only be able to purchase the team, senior, and individual layouts and not the Combo or Game Action layouts. Also none of the bundles or free products available on the ORDER NOW submission form are available with the BUY PHOTOS button. When you use the BUY PHOTOS method, payment is via Credit Card or PayPal only and is paid at the time of submission.

Items available for purchase are the same with both options. Both contain Lustre Prints (many sizes), Metal Prints (wall mount and desk top), and Keepsakes like Buttons, Refrigerator Magnets and Coffee Mugs. And both options will add shipping charges from our Atlanta Lab to your address entered. More on item pricing farther down.

If there are other keepsake items in which you have interest, please inquire and I'll check availability with my vendor.


To start, select the Order Now icon to the right.



Purchase over $55 of Product and receive the original resolution digital download of your athletes Photo Day image for FREE!

Purchase over $110 of Product and receive the image above PLUS a Refrigerator Magnet for FREE!

SINGLE IMAGE LAYOUTS - Group and Individual Portraits

There are two types of Photo Day layouts, single image layouts and multi-image layouts. As the name implies, single image layouts contain only one image. They are built as soon as possible after Photo Day and are uploaded to the Photo Day gallery for that sport. These layouts are the TEAM PORTRAIT, SENIOR GROUP PORTRAIT, and INDIVIDUAL PORTRAIT. These layouts may be ordered on the ORDER NOW submission form or ordered later directly from the gallery using the BUY PHOTOS button.

The Photoshop layouts used for these images are depicted in the samples below. These samples show (left to right) a TEAM PORTRAIT of 2017 Varsity Volleyball, an INDIVIDUAL PORTRAIT of Footballer Bryce Porzenski, and a SENIOR GROUP PORTRAIT of Men's Soccer. You may click on each image to see the sample larger. The Photo Day prints you order will use these Photoshop templates in their builds.

On the INDIVIDUAL PORTRAIT layout, you have two options via the ORDER NOW icon that does not exist when buying directly from the gallery. Those are the option to add your athlete's name and class to the image and the option to add facial touch-up to the individual image.

Single Image Photoshop Layout Samples - Click for larger view


And below are the Multi-Image Layouts of Combo Portrait and Game Action Portrait. These layouts are built as requested and can ONLY be requested via the ORDER NOW submission form. Additional copies may be bought later via the BUY PHOTOS button, but they must first be built.

The most commonly requested of these multi-image layouts is the Combo Portrait. This is a two-image layout featuring your athlete's individual image and an inset image of the team. You may also flip the two and have the Athlete as the inset and the team as the larger feature image if you prefer.

And the Game Action Portrait is all about options.Two or more images of your choice. All action or a combination of action and portrait. Game Action layouts are typically built at the end of your sports season so that we have many image options to choose from for the build and time to collaborate on the style. You are invoiced, however, the minimum Game Action fee upon order. That invoice may be adjusted later if you choose different options (like more images, larger prints, or different surfaces).

The samples below (left to right) are a Combo Portrait of Cheerleader Karla Delgado, two 2-image Game Action of Football and Soccer Seniors Edric Dantas and Caden Askew, and a 3-image Game Action of Senior Swimmer Eli Hicks. Click on each image to see larger.

Multi Image Photoshop Layout Samples - Click for larger view


Products Available with TEAM, SENIOR, and INDIVIDUAL Layouts

Lustre Prints

Wallets: 8 for $15, 16 for $24 (INDIVIDUAL layout only)
4x5s: 3 for $15, 6 for $24 (INDIVIDUAL layout only)
8x10s: 1 for $15, 2 for $24
11x14s: 1 for $23

Metal Prints

5x7 Flat: 1 for $50
5x7 Curved: 1 for $54
8x10 Flat: 1 for $57
8x10 Curved: 1 for $62
11x14 Wall Mount: 1 for $80


11oz Black Mug: 1 for $24, 2 for $39
Large Refrigerator Magnet: 1 for $18, 2 for $29
4 in button: 1 for $17, 2 for $26

Products Available with COMBO portriats

Lustre Prints

8x10s: 1 for $18, 2 for $29
11x14s: 1 for $26

Metal Prints

8x10 Flat: 1 for $60
8x10 Curved: 1 for $65
11x14 Wall Mount: 1 for $83

Products Available with GAME ACTION portraits

$30 minimum for 8x10 2-image layout as a Lustre print. Other sizes and design options quoted on request.

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