IMAGE ARCHIVES (Available until Oct 31st)

WELCOME TO for 2020/2021


When Providence Sports starts back up, I plan to be on the sidelines subject to the guidelines and approval of the Principal and Athletic Director of PHS and the NCHSAA. My plan is to focus on Panther Athletes that are signed up for Concierge Services. Those that have expressed an interest in subscribing for the upcoming 2020/2021 school year are in the CURRENT YEAR SUBSCRIBERS folder top left. Those that subscribed in 2019/2020 are bottom left. Another will be added in the near future for past years. If you were a 2019/2020 subscriber and wish to subscribe for 2020/2021, please contact Rusty @ Please note there will be a limited number of Concierge spaces available per sport.


Since 2009, ProvidenceSportsPhoto has photographed over 200 Providence High events annually...Sports contests, Graduations, Proms, and Performance events. All images from all captured events for all years can be found in the folders to the right. They will be available for view and purchase until October 31st of this year. After that, they will be retired! So please locate and purchase any of the archived images you wish to own before that date.

Note that public galleries of Sports action images will not be offered in the future. Acquiring sports action of your athlete will require a Concierge service. More information regarding future Concierge offerings coming soon.


Over the years, a team Photo Day has always been scheduled early in each sports season to capture individual portraits of each athlete and group portraits of each team. These Portraits have been available for purchase by parents and access to the group portraits has been granted to the PHS yearbook. Pending approval by PHS Administration, I plan to offer a Socially Distanced Photo Day for 2020-2021. This would consist of individual portraits of each athlete taken outdoors only and following appropriate social distance guidelines. Group portraits will NOT be taken of any team or sub-group. If group portraits are desired, they will be built by extracting the individual image of each athlete from their individual portrait and constructing a "team" Photoshop layout using the individual images.

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