Fall Sports Coming Soon!!!

Sign up For a Concierge Subscription Service for  2015-2016

The following PHS Athletes have already signed up for the Concierge Subscription for the coming school year!

Jordan Fehr, Joey Jegier, Tommy Jegier, Austin Kent, Tyler Pistorio, Jack King, Bryce Porzenski, Annie Leonard, Abby Scheper, Ethan Scheper and Dru Seabrook.

Please select the green link below for detailed information about the Concierge Subscription and CONTACT RUSTY to sign up your student athlete!

(Please note that Concierge only is offered for 2015-2016. Choice is no longer offered.)



This site can continue only with your support. My only compensation comes from purchases of prints, downloads or services from athletes and their families and friends. Please help me continue this service for our outstanding PHS student athlete population.

What is an EVENT and How can it help you?

Want to collect your favorite images from this site without Transou Photography collecting them for you? Then register for an event. An event is a "virtual island" of a group of galleries. For example, all galleries in the football season is one of the Fall events. When you register for an event, you'll receive via email a personal url, or "boat" to access your " virtual island". Using this   url, you'll access the galleries associated with that event, and more importantly,   tag your favorite images creating your own custom gallery. 

Once you have collected your favorites, you have many options. You may purchase select downloads or prints directly from your event. Other alternatives? What about a bulk purchase of downloads or prints; or maybe even a Photo Book? CONTACT RUSTY if interested.

During the school year, you will see Events listed on this home page of current in-season sports. Feel free to register for those and begin collecting favorites.

If you wish to have a "custom" event of a collection of different sports or years, please CONTACT RUSTY. Enjoy!

EVENTS Currently Available for Registration

The Events below are from the 2014-2015 sports seasons. You may still register for these events and collect and buy your favorites from last year. When you complete your registration, you will receive an email with your personal url for accessing your event. SAVE YOUR URL. It is you only access to these event galleries and your only means  to create, edit, and view your favorites.

PLEASE NOTE THESE WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE HOME PAGE August 15 and replaced with upcoming 2015 Fall Sports Events. So please register, complete the tagging of your favorites, and make your desired purchases before the next school year begins.

If you have already registered for any of the events below but lost your url, no problem, CONTACT RUSTY and I'll send it your way.

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This coupon expires August 1, 2015

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