Now starting our 10th Year serving the Student-Athletes of Providence Senior High.

Thank you for your support!

The New School Year's first action images coming the next 3 days... Soccer Wednesday, JV Football Thursday, Varsity Football Friday.

Stay Tuned!


Photo Day purchases are completely online starting this school year. The processes are:

• Submit an IMAGE BUILD REQUEST (ideally before Photo Day) if you want to purchase individual prints or images of your athlete.
• After Photo Day, check back here to see when your team's images will be online.
• Once the images are online, you may place ALL orders of products you desire directly from this site. Print products will be mailed to your home. Digital  orders are downloaded to your computer via a link provided after your transaction.

Every Photo Day Folder is structured as follows:
RESULTS Galleries: Galleries titled RESULTS will contain the final Photoshop renderings of all group images and all individual images where image builds were requested. You may purchase print products or downloads from any gallery titled RESULTS.
SPECIAL VALUE Galleries: These contain the individual images (again where image builds were requested) in a 4x6 format. From this gallery, you may purchase popular small prints (4x6 and 3.5x5) for only 50¢, Postcards for $4, and LoRes downloads for $1.
PROOFS: These galleries contain close up proofs of the athletes where build requests were not submitted. If you see an image here that you wish to have a build complete, please select the INDIVIDUAL IMAGE BUILD REQUEST button.

To the right are the Photo Day Folders that are complete and ready for image review and purchase. Please select the folder of your choice or navigate to your sport with the menu above.

Currently Available, Football** & Volleyball. Coming Soon, Soccer.
Photo Days Scheduled Next Week: Cheer, Tennis, & Cross Country

** Football Position Group images are still being edited and built

Select BUTTON left for Photo Day Information

Select BUTTON right to request an INDIVIDUAL IMAGE BUILD

Before you get rolling with online purchases from this school year, think about buying the 40% OFF coupon. Only $30, it will pay for itself with your first $75 of purchases. If you see yourself buying several photo day or action prints or images during the year, you can save a lot with this. SELECT BUTTON RIGHT TO REQUEST A COUPON CODE.


Good thru September 15th

Support your Athlete with a photo magnet on the refrigerator or wearing a photo button to the games. All magnets and buttons 25% off. No minimums. Use Coupon Code "butandmag" at checkout. You may use any photo that fits, Photo Day images or action images.

NOTE: If you are a Concierge subscriber, use your 40% off coupon instead. CONTACT RUSTY if you don't have yours.

Parents & Students

It's time to review and sign up for 2018-2019 Photography Services.

Please take a look below at CONCIERGE and GAME ACTION SERVICES.


CONCIERGE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES is for the parent who wants unlimited downloads of their student-athlete's images from all sports and activities. One of this year's new items includes a private student photo session for Seniors! Last year's Subscribers, please use the CONCIERGE QUOTE REQUEST button, complete the info, and submit. This will start your renewal process. New customers, please complete the quote request after reviewing the service info.

Note to potential subscribers: If you desire the 10 month payment plan, you must sign up before September 1st. If you desire the 10% discount on the annual fee, you must pay your subscription in full before your first Game. Select the CONCIERGE SERVICES INFO button for details on all benefits, pricing, and payment terms.

Select BUTTON left for info about Concierge Services

Select BUTTON right for a personal Concierge quote


NEW THIS YEAR is Game Action Services. It replaces the service previously called Choice Subscription Services and the product called Game Action Portrait. Concierge Subscribers, Game Action Portrait builds are included in your service. So if you're considering Concierge, no need to sign up for this.

Select BUTTON left for info about Game Action Services

Select BUTTON right to sign-up for Game Action Services


As you sign up for this year's Concierge service, your family folder will be added to the CURRENT CONCIERGE SUBSCRIBERS folder. Within this folder, all families are in alphabetical order by last name. Use the folder link to the right for quick access to the Concierge Folder.

NOTE: All family folders in the Concierge Subscribers folder are password protected with the password chosen by you at sign-up. If you forgot your password or would like to change it, please CONTACT RUSTY.


Were you a Choice Subscriber or did you purchase a Game Action Portrait last year. While the Concierge Service is clearly the best value, you may want the Game Action Service instead, especially if your student-athlete is an underclassman and does only ONE sport/activity. CONTACT RUSTY with any questions.


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