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RD 2: Panthers knock off #1 Seed East Forsyth

Panthers score 21 unanswered second half points to knock off #1 Seed East Forsyth 24-21. Congratulations!

All photos of this exciting game are now available.

Go to FALL SPORTS then FOOTBALL  or click on the photo to the left.

The First Shots of the Year are Here!

Action shots from the men's and women's varsity games at Hough are now available. Check them out under WINTER SPORTS or click on either of the images here.

Fans Only….

Want a gallery containing only Fan images from Friday Night  Football. You got it! Go to FALL SPORTS / FOOTBALL / 2014 FOOTBALL then 2014 FAN PHOTOS.

A New Display Product… Laser Cut-Outs

Produced by Cardinal Camera, these laser cut-outs are printed on acrylic and displayed on a walnut base. 5x7 size is $34, 8x10 size is $39. You cannot order these products online. To order or to view these samples pictured to the right, CONTACT RUSTY.

New Hires for Providence Sports Photo...

Joining Providence Sports Photo this fall are two PHS Juniors, Amy Futral (far left) and Jenna Humphrey (left). Amy and Jenna will initially be assisting with sports team and individual photo shoots; setting up and breaking down equipment and managing the human traffic processes associated with group photo shoots. So PHS Athletes, please show these ladies at least the same level of respect you have given me over the years as they help to make your team's photo process as smooth as possible.

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